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My Name is Neil and I’ve always been a huge fan of GAD Fiction so I am starting this blog to record my feelings towards various books, authors, detectives, tropes etc. that pertain to this wonderful but sadly largely forgotten genre.

As you might have guessed by now, this blog will focus on one author in particular, an author I’ve always loved but who I feel doesn’t get enough appreciation these days — Ellery Queen.

I’ve been reading this stuff for over 15 years but didn’t discover the ‘Blogosphere’ — a brilliant collective of blogs written by eminently knowledgeable GAD enthusiasts — until an year and half ago. Upon doing so, I was surprised to find that many people whose writings I otherwise enjoyed were lukewarm towards the great Queen cousins.

This, then, will be a space where I’ll talk about why I liked their books when I first read them at the age of twelve and why I continue to enjoy them when I occasionally reread them. No, this blog won’t be exclusively Queen but it will certainly lean towards their work.

I’ve no idea how often it will be updated — I’ve already got both work and school to deal with — or if anybody will read it but hopefully I’ll enjoy myself as long as it lasts.

So yeah, wish me luck! (Assuming somebody is reading this!)

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